Vision for Parents

In accordance to what we see in scripture, we believe that you, the parent, are the primary influence in your child’s life. The church exist to support, equip, and supplement parents as their carry out their God given mission with their families. We believe that each parent should be living out Knowing Jesus, Growing in the Home, Being the Church, and Making Impact by...

Knowing Jesus

Modeling personally time in the bible, prayer, and worship and living a fruit filled life.

Growing in the Home

Model what is looks like to love and lead your family, steward your finances, and fill your home with love.

Be The Church

Model what it looks like to love, serve, give, and be present in the community of believers.

Make Impact

Model what it looks like to live on mission in this world everywhere that we go!

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Right Now Media

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Rightnow Media is a great asset and tool for our growth as parents with access to thousands of great teachings and studies, but also a great asset to our children and youth. Our FREE gift to you is waiting. All we need is your name and email to send the registration info to. We love you guys and hope you love this great tool!

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Resources For Parents

Encouragement -

Here are some verses for you as a parent:

Check them out

Social Media - Know what your kids are on and how to monitor it. Big sites:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Tinder,, KiK, etc.