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Know Jesus

We yearn to see every family member come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior above all else. Seeing parents and children spending time personally in the Bible, in prayer, and in worship is our first and most important goal.

Grow in the Home

As they know Jesus more and more, the first people that should take notice is those that we call "family". Our personal relationships with Jesus will transform how we steward our singleness, children, siblings, finances, and giftings.

Be the Church

As we know Jesus more and our homes are growing, we will have the desire to surround ourselves with like-minded people. We desire for each family to come and be a part of our local body as we commit to one another in love and service and give our time and resources to further the Kingdom of God locally.

Make Impact

As Jesus grows us, plants us in a local church, it's time to flourish and to make impact in the world around us. Strengthened by our personal relationship with Jesus, a healthy home, and our church family, we feel supported and filled to make disciples of those around us.